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Mastilep 125gm Gel (Ayurvet/India Co.,Ltd)

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(ဆေးဖက်ဝင်အပင်ပစ္စည်းများနှင့် ပြုလုပ်ထားသော မာစတီးလက် နို့အုံရောင်ရောဂါနှင့် နို့ကျိတ်ရောင်ခြင်းကို ကာကွယ်ကုသဆေး) မာစတီးလက် (Mastilep) နို့စားနွားများနှင့် နို့ပေးဝက်မများတွင် နို့အုံယောင်ရောဂါကို ကာကွယ်ကုသရန်လိမ်းဆေးဖြစ်သည်။ နို့အုံနှင့် နို့သီးများအပေါ်တွင်သုတ်လိမ်းပါ။ Mastilep & Mastrip (Herbal Extracts) Topical Herbal Gel For Control Of Mastitis Limitations of present approach: •Diagnosis •Risk of injury to teat canal •Recurrence •Withdrawal time •Limited effectiveness •Drug resistance Solution of MASTILEP: A novel approach to control Mastitis through improving udder immunity. 1st Line of defense –Keratin layer 2nd Line of defense- Resident cell population 1. Treatment of sub – clinical mastitis 2. As prophylactic for control of mastitis 3. Co-therapy in clinical / acute mastitis 4. For improving milk quality 5. For promoting udder health MASTRIP For Milk Examination Problem: Early Mastitis detection is the big challenge Solution: Mastrip- Cellulose based Bromothymol Blue (BTB) strip impregnated with stabilized ion sensitive indicator for detection of sub - clinical mastitis. How to use it: Put a drop of milk directly from teat after discarding first few stripping & observe changes in colour. The interpretation of changed colour should be read as follows: Colour Index •Yellow - Normal •Greenish Yellow - Sub-clinical Mastitis •Green - Advanced sub-clinical Mastitis •Blue - Clinical Mastitis Distributed by: Ayurvet Limited, India. Yin Kyaw Animal Health Tel: 09 730 94126, 09 505 9040 Topical Herbal Gel for Control of Mastitis Composition: Each 10 g contains (in g): Curcuma longa Rz. Ext. … 0.04 / Glycyrrhiza glabra … 0.10/ Paedaria foetida Pl.Ext … 0.04/ Cedrus deodara Ht.Wd. Oil … 1.00/ Eucalyptus globulus Lf.Oil …0.20/ Shudh Gandhaka … 1.00/ Emulsifier gel base q.s … 10.00/ Indications- Treatment of sub-clinical mastitis As prophylactic for control of mastitis Co-therapy in clinical/acute mastitis For improving milk quality For promoting udder health Direction for use of mastilep gel: Wash udder & teats thoroughly after each milking. Apply twice daily sufficient quantity of Mastilep gel to cover the udder/infected quarter for 5 days or as advise by veterinarian. Direction for use of mastrip: 1.Clean the udder with water & wipe dry with clean towel, before testing. 2.Handle the Mastrip with dry hands. 3.Use a separate strip for each quarter. 4.Discard the first few stripping of milk. 5.Take one strip of Mastrip and put one drop of milk on it and observe the change in colour of the strip within 30 seconds. 6.Compare the changed colour with the standard colour chart provided on the inside cover of Mastrip. Interpretation of the changed colour should be read as follow.

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