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Fasinash Cattle (Triclabendazole Bolus 900 mg)/ Ashish Life Science Pvt.Ltd (India)

FASINASH CATTL [Triclabendazole Bolus 900 mg] ပါဝင်သောပစ္စည်းများ Each bolus contains Triclabendazole……….……900 mg Excipients…………………….q.s ဆေးအညွှန်း နွား၊ သိုး၊ ဆိတ်များတွင် အဖြစ်များသော အသည်းသန်ကောင်များဖြစ်သည့် Fasciola hepatica နှင့် Fasciola gigantica တို့ကြောင့်ဖြစ်သော သွေးအားနည်းခြင်း၊ နို့ထွက်နှုန်းကျခြင်း၊ ပိန်ချုံးချိနဲ့ခြင်း၊ လေးလံထိုင်းမှိုင်းခြင်း နှင့် ရေဖျင်းဆွဲခြင်းတို့ကို ကာကွယ်ရန်နှင့် ကုသရန်အတွက် အသုံးပြုနိုင်ပါသည်။ ဆေးအသုံးပြုပုံ ကိုယ်အလေးချိန် ၇၅ ကီလိုဂရမ် (၄၅ ပိဿာ) လျှင် ဆေး တစ်တောင့် နှုန်း ဖြင့် တိုက်ကျွေးနိုင်ပါသည်။ ဆေးအား တစ်ကြိမ်တည်းသာ တိုက်ကျွေးပေးပါ။ Indication FASINASH CATTLE is indicated for the treatment and control of acute, subacute and chronic fascioliasis due to early immature, immature and adult stages of Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica in cattle. Dosage & Administration Cattle: 1 bolus of FASINASH CATTLE 900 per 75 kg bodyweight, corresponding to 12 mg of triclabendazole per kg. FASINASH CATTLE is given by single oral administration. Intact boluses are given by balling gun, directly by hand or in a small amount of feed. Alternatively the tablets may be crushed and shaken in water and the resulting fine suspension administered orally. Treatment of animals suffering from Fascioliasis: When sick animals are treated particularly in outbreaks of acute or subacute fascioliasis, all other animals with the same history should be treated as well. A subsequent administration should be given several weeks later according to veterinary advice and infection challenge. Strategic control: The treatment recommendations can be adapted freely to the local epidemiological situation in each region because of the efficacy against the three stages. The efficacy of FASINASH CATTLE against early immature stages allows treatment intervals to be extended to the duration of the prepatent period or longer. In addition, animals may be treated already at or shortly after the end of the infection season. Contraindications Do not use in cases of known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Side Effects: Single dose of 200 mg/kg causes inappetence, transient weight loss and slight effects on motor activity and serum glucose lactate dehydrogenase (GLDH) in calves. Withdrawal Period Animals must not be slaughtered and milk should not be used for human consumption during treatment. The withdrawal periods after the last dose / treatment are as follows: The waiting period for tissues is 28 days. Dairy animals should be treated in the dry period. Storage Conditions Store in well closed container in cool, dry place Presentation 50 Boli (Blister packing of 10 x 5 bolus)

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