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Exapar 500ml Emulsion (Ayruvet/India Co.,Ltd)

Exapar Uterine Cleanser & Restorative Problems: • Postpartum disorders • Retention of Placenta • Repeat Breeding Reasons of reproductive disorders: • MalnutritionSystemic diseases • Pathogenic changes- Infection in uterus • Hormonal disturbances • Other diseases- eg Vibrosis, brucellosis Solution: Exapar is unique combination of potent medicinal herbal extracts that tones up uterus for better post partum reproductive efficiency. • Stimulates uterine muscular tissue for timely expulsion of placenta after calving. • Regulates lochial discharge and helps in post-partum cleansing of uterus. • Facilitates expulsion of retained placenta. • Helps in timely and proper involution of uterus. • Timely estrus induction How it is better? • More number of herbs with more quantity of each herbs ensure better results. • Is non-Hormonal hence safe. • Extracted form ensures faster & better results. • Glass bottle ensures efficacy till usage. Indications: Retention of placenta,Postpartum Anoestrus ,Repeat Breeding, and for uterine cleansing. Cows, Buffaloes and Mares: 50 ml Ewes and Does : 20 ml

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